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Business Hours
Monday Noon - 7pm
Tuesday Closed
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Thursday 5pm - 7pm
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Pro Shop will be closed on the following days:

October 19th
November 1st and 2nd, November 15th and 16th.

Pro Shop Services

The Bowlers Edge Pro Shop offers Professional bowling ball Fitting and Drilling, Professional Bowling Instruction, and complete bowling ball repair services. We also offer the same great, expert service to bowlers who do not purchase their bowling ball from us. Whether or not you buy from us, we take pride in the quality of work that we provide and the quality of Customer Service that we offer to you. You have 2 choices when having your bowling ball drilled. You can either have it done or have it done correctly. If you just want it done, "the other guys" can do that (in roughly 3 days). If you want it done Correctly, then The Bowlers Edge Pro Shop is your only choice.

Don't discount your fit. The proper fit of your bowling ball is the most important aspect of your release and your bowling hand will change throughout your bowling career. No pro shop in Hampton Roads uses more measurements then we do to obtain the proper fit of your bowling ball. If you are having problems with inconsistant ball reaction, trouble with your release, or missing your target, the cause could be that your hand has changed. The Bowlers Edge will always evaluate your grip at no cost to see if you might benefit from a grip change. We can show you how changing your grip could increase or decrease your RPM and/or axis tilt to better provide you with a consistant ball reaction.

Whether you are a league bowler or tournament professional we can layout your bowling balls to give you the best ball reaction on any lane condition. Tell us what lane condition that you need to have a layout for and we will help you choose the correct bowling ball, the correct cover stock preparation, and the correct drilling layout to maximize your room for error and increase your score.

We carry and sell a wide array of bowling products. Bowling ball, bags, shoes, and accessories. From the biggest names such as Radical, Brunswick, DV8, Storm, Roto Grip, Hammer, Columbia, Track, Ebonite. Turbo 2n1 Finger Inserts and Thumb Slugs. Interchangable Thumb Systems from Turbo (Switch Grip) and Vise (IT System). Bowling shoes by Brunswick, Dexter, Hammer, and KR. Bowling bags by 900 Global, AMF, Brunswick, Columbia, DV8, Ebonite, Hammer, KR Industries, Motiv, Radical, Roto-Grip, Storm, Track, and Turbo. Accessories Brunswick, Columbia, Ebonite, Forrest, Hammer, Master, Robby's, Storm, Turbo, and Vise.

We can order any bowling product that you require. Typical order receiving time is 2-3 days. With most orders, pre-payment is required. The Bowlers Edge Pro Shop does offer Layaway for our customers.


The Bowlers Edge Pro Shop, LLC is owned and operated by Gary Faulkner
  • Brunswick Pro Staff
  • PBA Member since 1991
  • 2-Time PBA Regional Tournament Champion
  • Inducted into Tidewater Bowling Hall of Fame
  • Bowled for Vincennes University (NJCAA Team Champion, NJCAA All-American)
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    2441 E. Little Creek Rd, Norfolk VA 23518

    Phone: 757.961.8736

    Email: staff@bowlersedge,biz