gf customs

I started changing the color and customizing bowling shoes because, let's be real here, bowling shoes are BORING. I wanted mine to stand out, get noticed.

Though I started out customizing bowling shoes, that is not all that I do. Sneakers, flops, slip on, golf shoes, boots, dress shoes. If its leather, I can custom color it for you. One color, two colors, lots of colors. Specialty designs such as Autism Awareness. Color shifting shoes that have to be seen to believe, its like having a switch to change the color. I can customize golf shoes. I can customize basketball shoes. 

I stock color shifting bowling shoes at my retail location, The Bowlers Edge Pro Shop. You can stop by and see what I have to offer. Or you can send me a pair, with the customization form, and I can change them into a unique pair. You don't have to send just bowling shoes, I will customize any leather or canvas shoe. If I feel that I can't customize the shoe, I will let you know.

Pricing information of basic custom work can be viewed on the gfcustoms website.

Download, print, and fill out. This form must accompany your shoes when you send them to us. Customization Form

Examples of custom designs can be viewed on our Facebook page @gfcustoms