DV8 Creed Rebellion

The red/navy/yellow solid Creed Rebellion is a hook monster. Utilizing Composite Claw Solid, the cover originally used on the Pitbull Growl, and the Creed core this ball produces strong traction earlier on the lane and extreme continuation. The Creed Rebellion stands out on the lane for its bright colors and maximum performance on heavy oil.

DV8 Hitman Enforcer

The navy/orange/silver hybrid Hitman Enforcer utilizes the N-Forcer Plus cover and produces more length and angle compared to the original Hitman. The Hitman Enforcer is the longest and strongest ball in the DV8 line and is best used on medium oil conditions.

DV8 Tatic Control

The Tactic Control is DV8’s first urethane ball and poured in a unique two-color combination of burgundy/sky blue. The Tactic Control features the Turmoil core and reads the lane smoothly and evenly for maximum control and carry.